Kitty Proof Your Christmas Tree

December 8, 2014

5 Ways to Save Your Christmas Tree from your Cat

kitty proof tree

The glimmering lights and decorations on your Christmas tree are a beautiful way to celebrate the season to you, to your cat this is a jungle gym with all kinds of neat toys hanging from it! Keep your kitty and your holiday decorations safe with these tips for kitty-proofing your Christmas tree.

The Tree When setting up a tree, make sure it is securely in the base so it doesn’t tip. If you can, anchor it to the ceiling with wire for added sturdiness. If your ceiling is high enough, place the tree on a table because cats will be less likely to climb the tree if the bottom is off the ground. If using a real tree, make sure your cats can’t get to the water in the tree base. Additives to keep the tree fresh can be toxic to pets, and even plain water will eventually grow bacteria that can make your kitty feel sick.

Barriers Depending upon the size of your tree and your kitten you may be able to place obstacles around your tree that will keep kitty away. Remove chairs and tables that might serve as a launching pad to help your cat jump higher into the tree. Try wrapping the tree base with aluminum foil as most cats don’t like to dig their nails into this or a ScatMat.

Decor Keep the lowest branches of the tree free from all ornaments and potential temptations. The number one rule of Christmas tree decorating with cats…NO TINSEL! It’s shiny and eye-catching, so cats are often drawn to it, but tinsel can cause serious problems for kitties. Cats that ingest tinsel face the risk of intestinal obstruction which is life-threatening. The same goes for tinsel garlands. Any ornaments small enough for cats to fit in their mouths should be avoided as well.

Cords Dangling electrical cords are an invitation for a kitty to play and bite. Make sure all electrical cords are secured well and not dangling where your cat might be tempted to play with them. Tape cords to the wall from the outlet to the tree to keep from harming pets and remember to unplug lights when you are not at home.

Repellents There are a number of spray repellents you can use to keep cats away from your tree. Some choices include Bitter Apple, citronella or citrus oils sprayed directly on the tree, or a diluted vinegar solution sprayed on the tree’s base.

Do you do anything special to kitty proof your tree?