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Community Care College was founded in 1995 by the career-education champion, Teresa Knox.

As a 4th generation Oklahoman, Teresa worked as a dental assistant for 7 years when she found an opportunity to train dental assistants on the side. She saw how much her life had changed since she enrolled in a college that focused on career-building skills and wanted help others in the same way. She loved being able to help someone else who was also looking to take their life to another level so, in 1995, she officially started a school dedicated to helping other aspiring professionals like herself. She named the school “Dental Directions, The School of Dental Assisting.”

Career education helped Teresa take charge of her future, and she spent the next two decades building an institution that helped thousands of others do the same.

After seeing the need for highly-trained phlebotomists and medical assistants in the Tulsa area, Teresa knew that to continue to impact more lives, Dental Directions would have to expand its programs. She soon changed its name to Community Care College and expanded the programs offered to train paraprofessionals looking to gain experience in healthcare, business, and other lifestyle fields. With over 10 programs offered online or on the campus during the day or in the evening, Community Care College has successfully graduated thousands of skilled-individuals and continues to serve hundreds of students every year.

Due to the growing market demand for exceptionally trained professionals and the success of Community Care College graduates in the workplace, the single campus was expanded to add two more locations on Sheridan Road in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clary Sage College was founded in 2006 and Oklahoma Technical College followed in 2009. All three colleges have continued to serve thousands of graduates over the years because since the first college was opened in 1995, the unwavering belief of everyone at the institution is that a rewarding career is the foundation of positive life change and ultimate happiness.

In the summer of 2015, Community Care College, Clary Sage College, and Oklahoma Technical College started operating under Community HigherEd, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and public charity, and continue, as always, to fulfill the mission of empowering thousands of individuals with career-focused and skills-based training.