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Community Care College exceeded my expectations completely. The coursework was challenging, and the instructors went above and beyond to make sure their students excelled. They took it upon themselves to make sure their students got placed in an externship – a requirement to graduate. The fact that there is an option to take all the classes online versus on-ground made it a no-brainer to go here. I was able to continue working full time while pursuing my studies. I’m very pleased with what I got out of studying at Community Care College.

- Cherie Ghelani

Accounting Specialist Graduate

I am an AOS Accounting Specialist graduate and there isn’t enough time or room to put all the wonderful things about the AOS/Accounting Specialist program, but I will try. I came into the program on my second career of my life. The AOS program was informative and it validated all that I had been doing in my previous Career life, as I was in leadership/management a lot. The accounting program was great, lots of information, learning of new skills and great teaching and guiding along the way. They didn’t teach stuff that wasn’t going to be part of a real life job in the occupation of your choice. You get to learn exactly what you need to know to make your journey a success.

- Lorna Williams

Accounting Specialist Graduate

I absolutely loved attending class at this college. I started out earning my AOS (Associate Occupational Science) degree. Then, I continued on to my core program, Accounting Specialist. I am so glad that I did because having my AOS along with the Accounting Specialist training opened up so many more doors for me. I felt that every instructor I had genuinely cared about me and wanted to see me succeed. I could ask questions and could “respectfully disagree” with anything. The instructor and I would talk about it. At the end of the conversation, I would have a much better understanding of the topic at hand. I started working full-time with 6 weeks left of class and if I had not had my Associates I would not have been hired for the position. This has allowed me to move into my own place. I cannot thank each staff / facility member enough for all their support they gave me throughout my journey to a new and better life. THANK YOU COMMUNITY CARE COLLEGE!

- Dana Hunt

Accounting Specialist Graduate

I am extremely glad I chose Community Care College! The instructors as well as all the CCC staff really takes the time to get to know you, which to me was super important. Another thing that stood out to me about this college was the AOS program which is offered with all the programs there. I was not only able to learn the fundamentals on how to open a successful business, but I was also able to learn many skills that I use constantly in my workplace like Team Effectiveness, Leadership, and Public Relations. I will always recommend CCC to all my friends and family!

- Fatima Munoz

Business & Industry Management Graduate

I am glad I chose CCC because it’s not only a local community college but well known. I first found myself truly considering CCC when I found out that the school was founded not only by someone locally that I’d see in the halls of the college. But I knew I had truly found the college for me when I learned that the woman who found it founded it to produce future dental assistants and as a former dental assistant that really caught my attention. I was someone who was coming into the school looking to change my career and when I found out it was founded for dental assisting but that wasn’t the only field of study available it really got me to thinking okay sometimes we go to school and we major in the wrong subject and were not sure what to. . .it’s okay to start over. The best thing about CCC was how quickly I was able to get started, I thought it would take weeks of processing multiple visits, etc. I started that following Monday, but I would have to say the best thing was the fact that I started on campus and found myself in need of a part time job immediately and I was able to switch from on-campus classes to online classes. . .thanks to CCC having both online and campus classes available I was able to both work and attend classes. Honestly I’m very familiar with Clary Sage, so upon researching Clary Sage I found out about CCC. Looking back I think the thing that stood out the most to me was the fact that when I came into my class I was really nervous that I was going to be the only person as old as I am there, turns out I wasn’t… Not even close. It was a great mixture of all ages, races and backgrounds! And as we all know new people with different backgrounds and different upbringings bring new ideas, I learned a lot.

- Keia Swall

Business & Industry Management Graduate

When I was in high school I never wanted to go to college. I just never had the drive to because of what ever reason. Once I graduated I knew that college was something I wanted and needed to do. I signed up for TCC and went there a couple of semesters but I really just didn’t enjoy it and did not feel like I was getting anywhere with my classes. I did not know what I wanted to do for a career. I took the summer off and just decided to not enroll again. I saw commercials and heard about Community Care College from family and friends and a family member told me about the surgical technology program. It seemed interesting and like something I may enjoy so I went for it. As soon as I walked into Community Care for the first time, I felt welcomed and cared for. Everyone was so nice and encouraging and made me feel like I mattered to them. It was such a small campus with such a big family. I knew that, that school was the place for me. I attended the surgical tech program for a little over a year, including externship and don’t get me wrong, it was extremely tough, but worth every minute. I might add that during my Externship, I was offered a job in which I work at now and can see myself working there for forever. I had never been more motivated to wake up for school before; My instructors made it so fun and easy to come to school. I attended the Associates program after I finished my surgical tech program and it was such a great experience and I’m so thankful that I decided to do it. Not only did I meet lifelong friends, I also learned how to be successful in life and in a career. Community Care College was definitely the place for me. They had just the right amount of hands on learning that I needed. I have always been the shy and timid kind of person but because of Community Care, I was able to spread my wings a little more and become more independent and outgoing. Ending my time there was a bittersweet moment because I met such amazing people and learned so much while I was there. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to make their lives better and start a career that they will very much enjoy. Thank you Community Care College, for helping me succeed.

- Mayci Miller

Surgical Technologist Graduate

My name is Laura LeBlanc and I am a certified medical assistant with St. Francis Warren Clinic, Tulsa. Every now and then you realize that you are stuck. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it hits you and when it does you know that you have to either slide by stagnant or do something about it. It’s like you’ve caught yourself asleep and you have to wake back up and take control. I had that moment about 1 1/2 years ago while while working in retail and I was fortunate enough to have found CCC. The campus has everything you need to build a strong foundation for a new career. The staff not only helped wake me up but drove me to succeed every waking moment. At CCC failure was not an option and the whole time I was having fun while working hard. Surrounded by others of different ages and backgrounds who were also looking ahead for something better. We helped each other be strong. I’m proud to say I was a CCC student and now a CCC graduate and the lessons I learned will last me a lifetime. If I can do it, anybody can do it!

- Laura LeBlanc

Medical Assistant Graduate

I coach small group training at Tulsa Fitness Systems and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without the fitness instructors at CCC! TFS is where I did my externship and then got the job once I completed my externship. The instructors coached me through NASM certification and helped me become so much more knowledgeable about this business and how to empower women and men to become something strong and powerful! I love my job and all the people at CCC for helping me do what I love and literally change people’s lives! Not only have I changed lives by getting this new job, my clients have changed my life as well. They motivate me just as much as I motivate them. As our department head, Jill, would say, “Workout! You don’t have time not to!”

- Nicole Ray

Fitness & Health Trainer Graduate

While searching the internet for possible online courses, I came across Community Care College. It caught my attention that CCC is a non-profit school that gives back to the community. I had also seen CCC’s advertisement on TV, so I scheduled an appointment with Arlene, the school’s administrative representative. As I’m sitting in her office I notice she has a lot of inspirational quotes from the Bible. That put me at ease and I knew that’s where I wanted to start with my online courses. I was enrolled in the MBC program, before I left campus. I always knew I wanted to develop a career in the medical field, however, I did not want to work hands-on with patients, illnesses, and diseases. This is one reason I chose the path of Medical Billing and Coding. It seemed fitting for me. Another reason being, I’ve always been fascinated by all the different codes for illnesses and injuries. Just so cool. CCC has been a wonderful experience for me! Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful! My instructors are AWESOME at what they do.

- Dreatha Brasuell

Medical Billing & Coding Graduate

My name is Vanessa and I just recently completed the Medical Billing and Coding program (MBC) here at Community Care College (CCC). I never thought that I would do anything beyond high school, as far as education was concerned. When it came to the thought of furthering my education I had a tendency to sell myself short, or think that I wasn’t good enough to make it through. I struggled throughout high school with dyslexia, and because college is a higher education level, the fear of failure kept me from pursuing my dreams. I learned to be content with whatever job I could find, it wasn’t until I started thinking about the future and having a family that that slowly started to change. Being a stay-at-home mom has always been a dream of mine, so I started looking into different types of jobs where I would be able to work from home. While searching I found the medical coding profession, and right there and then a dream that I thought had long since died, got reignited. The dream of being in the medical field. I was so excited and terrified all at the same time. Never in my life did I think I would be excited about the thought of going back to school. So I started looking at different colleges around the area, and that is when I found Community Care College (CCC). I sent my program inquiry through their website, and that same day I got a call from the registrar wanting to set up a face to face meeting. Now let me tell you, this is not a school that makes you feel pressured to make a decision, I feel that some schools can be like that. The staff and teachers alike have your best interest at heart and are geared towards your success. I went to that first meeting where I got to sit face to face with the teachers of the Medical Billing and Coding program. I was able to ask questions and they helped me differentiate between the coding class and the medical administration class, so that I could make a more informed decision. They love getting to know you as a person, and it may sound cliche because it’s in their name, but everyone there genuinely does “care” about you and your journey. After that first encounter with the staff and the teachers at the school I felt such a peace and I knew then that this was where I was supposed to be. I enrolled in the Medical Billing and Coding program in January 2016, I will say though, I was nervous about it because it is an online class. I have never done any sort of class online and to my knowledge, from stories i’ve heard from others, with online classes you’re kind of on your own. However, it is not that way with CCC. From day one the teachers are fully invested in their students, they’re caring, encouraging, and pushing us to go above and beyond what we thought we could do. I have had so many moments where my dyslexia had me frustrated or i’m just not understanding something, but I can email, call, or even go down to the campus and sit with my teacher to work things through. It may be an online course but the staff and teachers have made themselves available to the students almost 24/7, so it certainly doesn’t feel like it is online and you are definitely not alone. I have loved every minute that I have been at this school, in this program. The fear that I had at the beginning is completely gone, and is replaced by a confidence I never knew I had. I give credit for that to Christ because I know He has been orchestrating this whole journey, and to the teachers and staff of CCC because without their encouragement and their drive to see me succeed, I don’t think I would have the confidence that I do now. I can truly say that because they believed so strongly in me, I now believe in myself. I’m have finally finished the program and it has taught me so much. You learn medical terminology, medical insurance, the ins and outs of the software used in offices, and so much more. I was worried that it’d be too much information to handle, but you don’t have to worry about that, the teachers provide extra content to help you study, such as; apps, articles, videos, etc. This program thoroughly prepares you so that you are able take the test for your coding certification, not only that but you have the opportunity to get a job in that field before you even graduate so that you can start getting some hands on experience. From day one you are introduced to the career services director and she helps you with everything from creating a resume, to choosing you for an interview. I was particularly happy about that because I had never made a resume before and I definitely needed help in that department. To kind of wrap things up I just wanted to mention something really quick to emphasize the heart of the people that run this place and the care that they have for each student that walks through those doors. In February, my aunt passed away and I had to drive to Ohio for the funeral, so I gave my teacher a little heads up because I wasn’t sure if i’d be able to get assignments in on time. Thankfully I was able to get everything done, but I was gone for about four days, and when I got back there was a card in the mail. It was a condolence card from the school signed by individual staff members, teachers, and even the president of the school. But what really impacted me was that, it wasn’t just signed as if it had just been passed around “here sign this” each person wrote a little note to show their sympathy. By the time I got done reading through it all I was in tears, you could just feel the love coming from them and it was completely genuine. It’s a true testament to how they are in every aspect of that school. That encounter instilled in me further that I had made the right choice in enrolling with CCC. I truly consider myself blessed to be a part of this school, and I thank God everyday for helping me find it, it was the best decision that I ever made. I just want to encourage you, if you’re like me and you have reservations about going back to school, you don’t have to be afraid, and you certainly don’t have to worry. You’ve got a whole team of people behind you, rooting for you to succeed, and they’ll be there every step of the way.

- Vanessa Bushell

Medical Billing & Coding Graduate