A Surg Techs Role during a Code Blue

December 1, 2014

Code Blue and the Surgery Tech

Have you ever visited a patient in the hospital or been the patient and heard a “Code Blue” page over the intercom? Code Blue is used in hospitals referring to when a patient is in cardiac arrest or in dire need of medical attention. When a code is paged overhead, there is a first responder team responsible for getting to that patient as soon as possible to begin CPR and perform any other life saving measures required. But what happens when the patient is in the operating room (OR) and they code? Thankfully, the OR staff is trained to handle such situations.

The OR staff, such as the anesthesiology team, a few RN’s, a surgical tech and other key team members fill the OR when a patient begins to code. The patient is sometimes intubated  (to insert a tube into a person or a body part, especially the trachea for ventilation), someone starts chest compressions, another set of hands grabs the crash cart holding the defibrillator. Things begin to get busy, quick!

As a surgical technologist, there is a list of responsibilities that will be expected during this time as well. The Association of Surgical Technologists has a set of Guidelines and responsibilities that can be accessed here to prepare you.

Remember, do your research to ensure you are prepared in any life threatening situation.