Discounts on Pet Food

January 6, 2014

Tips To Save On Pet Food

Americans spend over a billion on their pets and food. Like most pet owners, I know that purchasing pet food can really take a bite out of my budget, especially if you are feeding your pet a premium and all natural food.

In past years, consumer experts have encouraged pet owners to save money by purchasing pet food in bulk, by using store circulars to capture weekly deals, by clipping coupons from the Sunday paper or by joining retailer clubs to take advantage of scheduled sales, by signing–up for e-newsletters which can contain coupons and by visiting manufacturers websites to score coupons.

Although I do many of these things to save money on pet food, I also implement these cost savings strategies:

Better Diets Make Fuller Wallets

Many of us believe that pets are what they eat. As a result, we feed our fur-kids premium diets which have higher concentration of quality animal protein (chicken, fish, lamb and/or beef) with a controlled amount of fat, calories and minerals. Unfortunately, these brands cost more. But, by feeding a better quality food, we feed our pets smaller portions of food, all while keeping him or her fuller. Moreover, due to our purchase of a better diet, we save money because we are buying less bags of pet food per year.

Healthier Pets Means Less Veterinary Expenses

If you feed your pet the appropriate serving size meal the bag of pet food will last longer and your pet will not be overweight. Like humans, overweight pets are subject to ailments like diabetes, arthritis, digestive disorders, decreased stamina, heat intolerance, respiratory problems, increased blood pressure and heart disease. Furthermore, treating pets with these ailments can cost big bucks!

Clipping Coupons

 Visit sites like;;;; and for printable pet food coupons. Also, consider downloading a mobile app like Coupon Clipper or Coupon Sherpa that also offer pet food savings.

Employee Discount Plans

Are you a member of an employee discount plan that is part of your larger work-life compensation package? These days, many employee discount programs grant workers access to exclusive offerings from local and regional pet vendors. Don’t wait and take advantage of pet food savings.

Get Cash Back

Do you have a credit card that offers cash back savings?  If you do, use it to buy pet food. The more you spend, the more rewards will be returned to you. Just make sure you can pay your bill in full at the end of the month to make the savings really count.

Don’t Waste Gas

Many pet owners wait until the food runs out to buy more. Don’t waste gas for a single trip to the food store. Use gas saving strategies: Run all errands in a similar location and make it one trip to reduce your fuel cost. This might take some planning, but you will see a substantial gas savings over the cost of the year.

By using these cost saving strategies, you will be able to save money on pet food, treats and more.


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9 thoughts on “Discounts on Pet Food”

  1. Very useful. Never thought about how to save. I wonder if shipping to your house in bulks would save at all? Great article.

  2. Ok I seriously love this blog!!! I know for sure I am coming back to it for reminders to help me save money on food for my dogs 🙂 Thanks Danny I really loved what i learned from this blog

  3. I have been so used to buying the cheapest dog or cat food throughout the years, never taking into account the fact of the nutritional factors in the more pricier ones that are always on the upper part of the shelves in the store. I never knew that the pricier brands were actually cheaper in the long run. Thanks for this information, as the benefits to feeding my Zoey Girl a better brand of dog food will bless me in my pocket book and her in her overall health.

  4. Ok first of all I look at it this was..if you put your dogs on really good food they will eat less and also they will be healthier then animals on cheap dog food .just like about a month ago I seen a post about dollar general dog food poisoned a dog.i know the good dog food may cost a little more but find coupons and look for sales

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