Legal Knowledge Is Useful Knowledge

April 1, 2014

When you have a legal education, you realize how much law plays into our daily lives.  You also realize two other important things:  you then know where to look for the law that applies and you also recognize that you need to consult with a legal professional for legal advice.

Say, for example, that your teenage son has been pulled over for speeding three times since he left for college and has received four tickets; one for not having a front license plate as is required in his college state.  Instead of just paying the ticket, you learn by calling the judge’s clerk that for the first offense, he can take a defensive driving course and pay a lesser fine.  You aren’t as intimidated by the court process as you would be without that legal knowledge.  You make that call!

And, it’s handy to know, if the board of directors of your homeowners association lets the neighborhood perimeter fence that encases your backyard get dilapidated such that it falls down, yet doesn’t do anything about your requests to fix it, that you can withhold your association dues until such time as the fence is properly repaired or replaced.   Presto!  The fence finally got fixed after six months.

Finally, it can be reassuring when you foresee that your elderly mother may be saddled with capital gains taxes upon the bulk sale of her real property investments that make up her retirement and you seek counsel from a credentialed financial analyst before she accepts an offer.  You convince your mother to have a consultation and she saves tens of thousands of dollars.

Ah, a month in the personal life of a paralegal educator!

Once you complete our paralegal program at Community Care College, you’ll know what to do and who to see to solve everyday family legal problems!