7 More Pet Care Myths Busted

July 21, 2014

7 more pet care myths, you may have heard.

1. Cats Always Land on Their Feet

It’s true that cats are very agile creatures with a great sense of balance, but this myth shouldn’t be tested! Cats can injure themselves just like the rest of us. They can fall, stumble and even hurt themselves leaping from high places.

2. One Year of a Dog’s Life Equals 7 Human Years

It is an unfortunate truth that our pets’ age faster than we do, but pets don’t all age at the same rate. Small breed dogs and cats tend to outlive their giant breed counterparts. Thus a 10-year-old Chihuahua would be a different human age equivalent than, say a 10-year-old Great Dane. Using that example, the Chihuahua might be an equivalent of roughly 55 years, while the Great Dane would be closer to 80 human years!

3. Letting My Dog Out in the Yard is Enough Exercise.

Dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical activity. If you just leave your dog out in the yard alone they might not get much of either. So it’s important to take them for walks, play fetch or simply run around together. Different sized dogs may require different levels of activity. Not only will it make for a happier, healthier dog but it will also help to strengthen your relationship. Check out more dog exercise tips for large breeds and small to medium breeds.

4. Frequent baths make dogs smell nice, but can they cause doggy dandruff?

They sure can. So let’s not cause a dry-skin blizzard. Keep the washing to a minimum and make sure you only use soap that’s made specifically for canines. Human shampoo can irritate a dog’s skin. If you take these steps and still notice flakes when your dog shakes, talk to your veterinarian to make sure you’re providing proper nutrition for a healthy coat.

5. Do dogs heal themselves by licking their wounds?

Yes, to a certain extent. A small amount of licking can help clean a wound, but excessive licking can actually slow down the healing process. It can even cause further damage to the wound and invite infection. Also consider that licking can turn into a bad habit that’s hard to stop. So if you suspect it’s getting out of hand, focus on re-directing your dog’s tongue to something tastier.

6. Brushing Dogs Teeth Is Silly…Give Me a Break.

Well actually, your dog will have the last laugh when his breath makes your eyes water. Routinely brushing your dogs teeth not only freshen breath, it also limits the risk of oral disease and gives you a chance to notice anything unusual happening to teeth and gums. Seriously, don’t brush off brushing. It can make your dog more pleasant to be around and help prevent an array of serious health problems down the road. Ask your veterinarian for help getting started.

7. If you put garlic in your pets food, will it help get rid of their worms?

No way. Forget you ever heard this one. Other than giving your dog the impression you’re a gourmet Italian chef, putting garlic on his food won’t do much. Restrict your garlic to your world-famous spaghetti sauce. Your dog will never miss it.

Have you ever heard these myths before? Comment below with any we haven’t answered, and you may see them solved soon!