Association of Surgical Technologist Conference

June 27, 2017

From the desk of Delora Tunison, Surgical Technologist Department Head:

In four short days, I represented my state, met a groundbreaking surgeon, ran into MY former teacher (who I haven’t seen in 15 years) and won a scholarship to do it all again. How you ask; I am a Certified Surgical Technologist(CST).

teacher, surgery, surgical technologist, conference, AST
Me with my former surgical technology teacher, Angela Burton.

Here are a couple of the roles I play as a CST:

  • Educator and department head for the Surgical Technologist Program at Community Care College
  • Member, Delegate, and Board member of the Oklahoma State Assembly (OKSA) of Surgical Technologist


Recently, I attended the Association of Surgical Technologist (AST) National Conference in New Orleans, LA. As a delegate for the OKSA, I was one of six to represent Oklahoma by voting at the National Conference on the next AST Board of Directors. Being able to represent my state and participate in the forward motion of my field is an unexplainable feeling.

delegate, oklahoma, surgery, surgical technology, conference
All six delegates of OKSA ready to represent Oklahoma.

One of the most exciting experiences for me was meeting Dr. L. Scott Levin. With a team of surgeons, nurses and surgical technologist, Dr. Levin was the first to perform a bilateral pediatric hand transplant. In reference to a surgical tech that he works with, who happened to be in the crowd, he said, “I walk in the room, she is there, my blood pressure goes down.” It was amazing to hear him speak of this incredible surgery and the dedication from his team, the hours spent practicing so they could get it just right, the step by step account of the procedure and his emphasis on the importance of CST’s.

surgeon, transplant, pediatric, surgert
Dr. L. Scott Levin, the first surgeon to perform a bilateral pediatric hand transplant.

The pride I felt as I left the conference to come home has left me motivated. Motivated to share my knowledge, mold future CST’s, actively participate for change in my state and be infectious with my passion for patient care.

delegates, conference, surgery, surgical technology
Entering the Biogel drawing to win a scholarship to next years’ conference.