Being A Surgical Technologist

February 21, 2018

Surgery: You Love It Or You Don’t

From the Desk of Lita Fitch, Surgical Site Coordinator:
I love being a surgical technologist. I’ve always found surgical intervention, whether routine or trauma fascinating. Not everyone is of like mind though. My sister is also a surgical technologist, so we speak the same language. My father has always been interested.”What did you do today, what happened, tell me about some surgeries?” So I’d describe how you do a laparoscopic gallbladder removal or how a carpal tunnel release was done. Twenty-seven years ago, he had to depend on my telling of the story, today, I’ve shown him all kinds of real-time surgeries he can watch online.


During the course of regaling my dad with exciting descriptions of surgeries, I’ve learned that:
1. Not everyone LIKES to hear about surgery
2. My voice carries.


My brother walked in mid-story one day and it didn’t take two seconds for him to turn and run back out of the room. Then there was that family at Cheddar’s who, according to Dad, turned white and then green before he could stop the “turning of a skull flap” description off. (I have no ‘whisper mode’, only talk and “Oh dear Lord, stop talking”.)


I thought for a short while (not giving names, dates, particulars) that just describing what was done was good, but it’s not for everyone. It seems everyone doesn’t hold the same fascination with surgery as those of us who’ve chosen to do it as a job. So if you’re fascinated, we’ll talk, if not, don’t ask…. 🙂


Oh and, FYI, not everyone wants to see the process of cataract surgery on YouTube BEFORE their surgery…..sorry, Mom.


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