Importance of Early Childhood Education

November 19, 2019

Why Quality Early Education Matters

The importance of access to quality early education often gets lost in poor childcare center reputation and the cost it imposes on families. Research indicates that children who have access to quality early education programs outperform their peers in many measures of academic and social success. Attitudes toward learning are established early. Positive learning experiences set children up for success and help them persevere through moments of failure.

Early Childhood Education need not occur solely in a professional and licensed childcare facility but does require educated and qualified professionals offering important early learning experiences to young children.

Qualified professionals are found in home childcare programs, public accredited centers, and in parents choosing to stay home. They are all vital in the social and academic preparedness of our next generation.

Early educators are often the front line of advocacy for the children of their community. They recognize delays in development, identify cases of abuse and neglect, and extend services to families in need. 

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From the desk of Melissa Tollefson.