Need for Quality Teachers

February 28, 2014

Teachers Needed – You Could Be Their Solution!

So much is taken into consideration when educators determine what each specific child needs educationally, socially, & developmentally. They want to make sure that every individual child’s needs are considered, and then they can determine what the best plan of attack is for their educational track.

With this huge task at hand, there have been some studies that help us better determine whether or not a child could be at-risk  and a more probable student to show difficulties in learning, development and processing information. According to this report from the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation, students coming from families with low-income were many at risk.

“An analysis of 13,000 young children tracked from kindergarten entry through middle school found that only about a third of them were on track with cognitive skills by 3rd grade, underlining the need for a comprehensive early-childhood education, particularly for low-income children, according to a new report from the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation… The data analysis showed that by 3rd grade, 56 percent were on track with physical development, 70 percent with social and emotional growth, and 74 percent in their level of school engagement.” – Christina Samuals

“The report offers several policy prescriptions that the foundation believes can address these gaps. Among them are quality birth-through-8 education programs targeted at children from low-income families; and promoting communication and joint training between early-childhood care providers and schools, so that children’s needs don’t get lost in the transition from day care and preschool to kindergarten.” – Christina Samuals

The encouraging thing about this report is that it gives some answers to these problems! One of these solutions is to provide quality birth – 8 education programs; a WONDERFUL solution, if you ask me.

The need for quality teachers is on the rise, so consider this your calling.  These kids need a great teacher like you to help establish a great education foundation for their future! 

Source:  Study, Many Young Children Lagging in Cognitive Skills by Age 8