Tweet your Way into a Job

April 28, 2014

Social Media Job Hunting

When it comes to job search strategies right now social media is all the buzz!  Everyone’s talking about using social media for job-hunting. But how, exactly, should you do that? Here are some ways to tweet your way into a job!

Let People know you are looking.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let your friends, family and followers know you are looking for a job. Be specific with what type of position you’re looking for.
  • Give a link to your online resume or to your LinkedIn profile.

Find information about hiring managers, owners, and employees.

  • Before you submit your resume, look up the hiring manager, owners or employees on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Knowing more about who’s hiring you and individuals from the company will help you to better tailor your resume and approach to the application process.

Hyperlink your Resume.

  • Add the URL for your Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, Instagram to your contact information on your resume.
  • Of course make sure your twitter and Instagram are appropriate first!
  • This gives the employer another way of connecting with you, seeing how you interact online, and how you are social media savvy!
  • Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can also be a great way to show case your work, think of it like your online portfolio.

Create Connections to get the Job.

  • You know the saying, “It’s all about who you know!” Figure out who you need to connect with to land that certain job. (The hiring manager, owners, employees)
  • Get them to follow you on Twitter by retweeting their tweets.
  • Make connections using LinkedIn to others you may know that are connected to them.
  • Follow the company on Instagram and like and or comment on photos.

Social Media has given job seekers another avenue to connect and promote themselves as a valuable employee.  But before you start your job search make sure to look over all of your social media platforms. Ask yourself if they represent the best you, do your pictures and post add value to you as a professional!