REWARD Oklahoma

August 30, 2013

OKDHS Oklahoma Child Care Services gives financial incentives to qualifying Child Care Providers

Did you know that OKDHS Oklahoma Child Care Services gives financial stipends and incentives to qualifying Child Care Providers! These incentives can be from $400-$1500 per year! It’s through a program called REWARD Oklahoma.

Why is REWARDing our Child Care Providers something the OKDHS has deemed important? Well, they have found that rewarding and appreciating our teachers, assistants, and directors has not only helped reduce the staff turnover rate, but also increased the amount of educated and knowledgable Child Care Providers in the state of Oklahoma!

The truth is, everyone could use a little extra cash every once in a while.  Thank you OKDHS for appreciating our Child Care Providers!

Click below for more information about REWARD Oklahoma! If you currently work in another state, research what might be available in your own area!