The Nomad Dental X-ray Machine

June 15, 2015

The Nomad

Most of us in the dental field are used to the wall-mounted x-ray machines in dental offices. The assistant puts the unit in place and goes outside the room to push a button to take the x-ray. The assistant then comes back in the room, pulls the machine away from the patient and removes the film from the mouth.

Now, we have a hand-held, cordless x-ray unit called The Nomad! The Nomad has a rechargeable battery pack with more than one-hundred exposures per charge. You simply slide the battery off the base and plug it into the charging cradle.

Dental X-Ray

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It’s a very light-weight machine that’s compatible with film and digital imaging systems. The user display screen consists of:

  • Battery indicator
  • Programmable exposure settings
  • Adult and child settings
  • Settings for Bitewings, Periapical, and Anterior

The newly improved Nomad is completely safe and easy to use. You hold the Nomad in place and pull the finger trigger to capture the image, and remove the film from the mouth. That’s it! Patient comfort is number one. The ring around the tube head is called the backscatter guard. This small ring keeps the assistant safe from scatter radiation, making it safe to be in the room with the patient while x-rays are being exposed.

What a great progression added to the dental field!