Sweet Tooth

February 13, 2015

Keep Your Smile Sweet

It’s the time of year to receive gifts and sweets from our sweethearts. With the sweetheart holiday coming, I hope nobody forgets the things that help us enjoy those sweets – your teeth.

sweet tooth

It’s important that we rinse our mouths out after enjoying anything with sugar. Sugar turns into acids that will eat away tooth enamel and we don’t want any cavities this Valentine’s Day!  Just to be safe, here are some precautions we can use:

  • Floss around each tooth that you want to keep
  • Brush your teeth for approximately 2 minutes twice a day (and after your piece of chocolate)
  •  You can rinse with Listerine for 30 seconds making sure to kill all those cavity bugs

Cavities are no fun. They can be painful and can even make a person physically sick, if not taken care of soon enough. Don’t forget your six month cleaning and check-up. Regular appointments at your Dentist office is a great way to promote a healthy mouth.

Don’t forget your teeth this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your sweets but don’t let the sugar have its way!