AvaDent The Digital Denture

June 8, 2015

The Digital Denture

There are people that dedicate their everyday life to making dentistry more accurate, sufficient and efficient. Being in the dental field, a person is constantly seeking and learning about new facts, procedures and equipment. Recently, I came across a very interesting addition to Dentistry and thought I’d share.

A company known as Global Dental Science (GDS) invented the first machine that makes dentures digitally. GDS formed the machine called it AvaDent in 2011. AvaDent is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) system that creates 100 percent accuracy.

Avadent digital denture


If a patient comes in wanting an all on four (a new pair of dentures needing or not needing extractions) implant, the doctor will take impressions, measurements, and send them to the dental lab with a prescription.  The Lab will make a try-in plate for the patient. The Lab will then send the try-in back to the office to make any adjustments, then it comes back to the lab for the permanent denture to be made. The impression is put into a machine that digitally reads it and transfers the image to the machine to cut the denture.

Digital Dentures benefit the office and the patient. If the denture is lost, the patient can come in and have the same one re-made in less than 48 hours. The material used to make the Digital Denture is less porous than traditional dentures, so fewer bacteria will get trapped, meaning patients will not get denture breath. This denture doesn’t have any shrinkage and fits so tightly that there’s no lisp when the patient talks.

As I researched the AvaDent, I noticed that there were only pros. I found nothing negative about this awesome creation that is life changing for so many people.