Three Post Interview Questions

May 5, 2015

Always an Interviewee, Never an Employee?

Did I follow up with the employer after the interview?

The follow up is a way for you to reinforce your interest for the position. While doing this be sure to always be polite, professional and persistent. Some people have a hard time being persistent because they don’t want to overdo it, but the worst an employer can say is “Don’t call me back.” The majority of employers will be impressed with your persistence and genuine interest in the position.

Did I dress for the position I want?

Keep in mind the position you’re interviewing for and dress the part. This way when you are interviewing they can visualize you in that particular position. You don’t want to overdo this and create a distraction. Keep it simple and professional for best results. Be aware of things such as weather and transportation. If there is snow on the ground and you are taking the bus, you might want to think twice about the shoes you decide to wear.

Was I prepared enough for the interview?

Knowing things such as the companies’ mission statement, dress code and company culture will help with the best results. Also, be sure to have extra copies of your resume and references if needed. Employers have been known to make last minute changes for an interview such as an extra guest joining. Something so little as having extra copies or your resume could leave a lasting impression and land you that job, so take the extra time to prepare.