Orthodontic Treatment for Children

December 13, 2019

Have you considered orthodontic treatment for your children

One of our incredible instructors, Janet Coon, tells us why it is important for children to have orthodontic consultations.

For verification that all teeth are developing and erupting in a normal pattern

Panoramic x-rays

Supernumerary/congenitally missing teeth

To help with correct oral/nasal development

Early intervention can allow correction of facial bone growth if we see a problem developing. Evaluation of sleep apnea, ADD, and ADHD is possible, and can help with treatment.

Aiding in the ability to brush and floss properly, leading to less chance of cavities

Straight teeth are easier to care for and have less decay than crowded teeth. This is due to the better access to the tooth surface when brushing and flossing.

Creating balance in speech and linguistic muscles

If growth and development issues are caught early, we can include speech pathologist into the treatment case.

Simple tongue tests can evaluate

Saving money by correcting problems early rather than waiting

Early intervention will cost money, but it may save in future orthodontic costs. If we can guide teeth into their correct positions during development and eruption, it can save on future treatment. Adult orthodontics can cost more and take longer to achieve.


Preemptive orthodontic work can save time and money in the future. Why wait?