Getting A Job Offer

May 16, 2014

A Job Offer?… Nope, None!

Are you in a hurry to get a new job?  Want a new position so bad?  Applying to every position you see?  Even going on interviews, but not getting the job offer?!

You need to be thinking about how you can make yourself STAND OUT in the application and interview process, not blend in with everyone else.  Did you even read the job description all the way through before applying?  If you have not, that will be obvious to the hiring manager and show them you not really ready for a career within their company.

Why is analyzing and understanding the job description, requirements, and company so important?  When you fully understand these things you are able to sell your specific qualities as the best candidate for the position.

Step 1:  Study, study, study the job description and company before you apply.

Step 2:  Do you really fit the job description?  If so, know how you are going to communicate that to the hiring manager.

Step 3:  Highlight key words in the job description.

Step 4:  Customize your resume.  Using those highlighted key words; tailor your resume to make it specific to that one position.

Step 5:  Brainstorm and research possible interview questions specific to that position and company.  Prepare, prepare, and prepare!

Step 6:  Determine questions you will ask the hiring manager.  Highlight your research in these questions.

Step 7:  Follow up with a hand written thank you note to the interviewer.

Going over these steps at home before the interview, it will be much easier to have the discussion with the hiring manager as to why you believe you meet the job requirements, based on your knowledge, skills and education.

Contact Career Services if you need any assistance and turn that no into a yes!