How Informational Interviews Help You

May 20, 2015

Informational interviews offer a way for students to explore their new career field and in a low pressure environment.  Career Services highly encourages our students to schedule informational interviews throughout their time as a student. We have had the opportunity to speak to many students who have gone on one or more informational interviews and these are some of the benefits they shared with us:

  1. Learning about their new industry and future career.  This gets the students excited and pushes them to excel in the classroom.
  2. Build Relationships with professionals in the industry. Remember, over 60% of employees have landed the position from knowing someone in the company.
  3. Learn about new career paths.
  4. Improve confidence levels with talking to professionals and interviewing skills.
  5. Gain industry specific knowledge to share in future interviews.

There are a number of benefits from scheduling informational interviews.  Contact your Career Service Representative today to brainstorm some ideas on scheduling your first interview!