Top 3 Cover Letter Fails

July 14, 2015

Remember when we told you that you need a cover letter? Well, now we’re going to show you three examples of cover letters gone horribly wrong.

#3 Hello from California…

(FYI: The position the applicant was applying for specifically stated that anyone who wishes to apply must be based in Washington D.C.)

“My name is [redacted] and I was hoping I could still submit and work remotely, as I never lived or be in DC. Please look at my resume and accomplishments to see that I have excellent expertise working on my own with no supervision.”

I have been guilty of saying “you have nothing to lose by just applying, so go for it”. However, if you don’t even meet (or ignore) the basic qualifications, or in this case geography, you also have very little to gain.

#2: 35 pull-ups? You’re hired!

“I continually challenge myself…that semester I achieved a 3.93, and in the same time I managed to bench double my body weight and do 35 pull-ups.”

This letter went viral and can read the full submitted letter here. Trust me, it’s worth it!.

 #1: Is this a job application or a romance novel?

“Taking notes and pictures on the floor of the Senate Finance Committee boardroom with an H&M skirt daintily covering my folded legs. This is Tim Geithner’s third testimony on the Hill this week alone, and his eyes dart around the room more than usual… It is at this moment I realize that reporting and I were meant to be. He has had his practice, I have had mine — and it all comes down to this moment.”

This cover letter was sent to FishbowlNY to be considered for various positions within the company. Needless to say, she did not get the job.