How to Write a Cover Letter

October 15, 2014

Are you worried about how you’ll create a cover letter when your past experience is all over the place? Well then… let’s focus on your transferable skills and how you’ll benefit the employer! Our goal is to create the direction of the cover letter to your applicable past experience and gained skills to show that you can do this specific job.

How do you make this the focus of your cover letter?

First, read the job description, and then read it again and probably again. Carefully review the description and circle the skills they are looking for and what the position requires.

Secondly, get to really know yourself and choose which of your transferable skills you want to emphasize. Choose the two to four skills that you feel best highlight you for this specific position. For each skill brainstorm a classroom assignment, previous work responsibilities, or past project that will illustrate why you are the best fit for this position and why you’ll benefit the company.

Then, start creating your cover letter, clearly highlighting those two to four skills you’ve chosen.

It should be structured something like this:

Dear Mr. Smith, (know the name of person you are addressing, call the company and ask if you are unsure). 

I am writing to express my interested in the [position title] opportunity at [company name] that you have [list where job lead is posted, Example: posted on the company’s LinkedIn account]. I believe with my education, passion for the [specific industry/field], and my professional skills make me an ideal candidate for this opportunity. 

With my past experience and education, here is what I could immediately bring to the table:

[Transferable skill #1] — Discuss each transferable skill by including your classroom assignment, previous work responsibilities, or past projects. We suggest discussing your action steps and end results. 

[Transferable skill #2]

[Transferable skill #3]

I am excited by the strong potential fit I see with [company name]. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to expand on my experience and to further express my desire to work at your company. I have included my resume for your review and I would greatly appreciate meeting with you when you begin the process of interviewing for the ­­­­­­­­­[position]. You can reach me at 000-000-0000 or if you prefer email, Thank you for your time and consideration.


First and last name

Hopefully this template will help you create your own cover letter before you submit your next application but, we do encourage you to insert your own personality and creativity to make it your own! Please feel free to contact Career Services at 918-610-0027 if you need any assistance, we are here to assist you reach your career goals.