How To Save On Pet Costs

August 12, 2014

Pawfect Tips To Save On Pet Costs

save on pet costs

Prepare Before You Shop or Adopt

Choose a breed that fits your lifestyle and budget. If you’re choosing a pet that is highly energetic or active, make sure you have the time and space to devote with your pet. Be careful of the choices when you’re in the search for a new pet or rescue and typical health issues you may face over the years of its life. Spay and neuter your pets which are the best way to prevent additional litters, health and behavior costs. There are many factors to consider when deciding to bring a pet into your home: exercise, activities and health issues that may arise. It also helps to know what to expect when it comes to the annual expenses.


Keep your pets up to date on vaccinations and regular office visits. If you wait until your pet is sick or making trips to the emergency vet this can cost thousands. Think of preventative care in terms of avoiding accidents or illness (heartworms, parasites, and flea/ tick control).

Pet Insurance

Having pet insurance can prepare you for unexpected cost. If you choose to purchase pet insurance, read the policy closely. Some policies will not cover conditions that are common to the breed. A few other options are to invest into a pet savings account each month and keep available for pet emergencies. There are many pet insurance companies available and Care Credit would be the last option unless your veterinarian accepts other payment arrangements.


If your pet requires some pampering, consider cutting the coat short as possible so you can wait longer for the next grooming visit. Some pets need monthly grooming depending on the breed type some options would be DIY by learning how to groom your own pet or choose a breed that is low-maintenance. Regular brushing and combing your pets coat can help save on the extra cost for pets with matted hair.

Premium  Food

Feeding your pet quality food can help save in health costs in the long run. You may spend more, but your pet will be happier and healthier. Consider using a measuring cup rather than estimating how much to feed them.

Pay Attention

Instead of spending lots of money each year on fancy collars, trendy clothes and pricey toys, spend time with your pet.  For getting attention and exercise, a walk down the street, play fetch and give belly rubs. If you’re on a budget this is one of the easiest ways to keep a pet satisfied. Pets rather play with you than any gimmicky and overpriced toys.