Dog Bowls for Different Dogs

September 4, 2015

Different Bowls for Different Dogs

Dog Food Bowls

Most dogs love to eat and some love it too much. A dog bowl is one of the most basic types of dog supplies you need for your canine friend, along with collars, leashes and toys. It’s important to get the right kind of dish for your dog, whether it needs a standard bowl to hold food or something more elaborate, like a timed feeder or a dish to slow down fast eating.


elevated dog bowl


The elevated bowls will help improve comfort, reduce stress and cumulative joint damage for large dogs. Raised feeders are also great for dogs recovering from surgery or dogs with three legs. Raised feeders also offer some protection against tipping the bowls and spilling the food and water. Enthusiastic eaters and dogs that like to play with their dishes have a harder time knocking them over when they’re placed firmly in an elevated holder.


slow feed dog bowl


Slow feeder bowls are great for aggressive eaters. They help slows down dogs while eating to help improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Some dogs gulp down their food too quickly, potentially causing bloat. Dogs that eat too fast are more likely to be overweight and have an increased choking risk. You can buy several different types of dog bowls that slow down your canine’s eating. They come in various types, but all of these bowls rely on the same basic method. They incorporate a design that makes it harder for your dog to get to the food. The obstructions force your pet to work around them to reach the food. The trick is to physically slow down the canine so he has to work harder for his meal rather than simply inhaling it.


automatic feed dog bowl


If you work long hours and want to give your dog a meal while you’re gone, an automatic dog feeder will do the trick. Programmable dog feeders let you select a time at which a measured portion of dry dog food is dispensed. An automatic feeder can even help prevent separation anxiety if you program it to dispense food shortly after you leave the house. Choose a sturdy automatic feeder, particularly if your dog is large or is innovative at finding ways to get at food. Otherwise your canine safe cracker might just manage to break the feeder and consume all the chow at once.


portable dog bowl


Portable dog bowls are great for giving your pooch food or water when you’re on the road. You can use them for anything from a trip to the park, lake, or other leisure spot to a long road trip or vacation. Portable dog bowls are easy to pack because most are made to collapse or fold into a convenient small size. Always pack a travel bowl and some bottled water if you’re going to be taking your dog somewhere in hot weather, even if it’s just a trip to the local park. It’s a simple, convenient way to protect your pet against dehydration if you can’t find a water source.

Steep Sided

Steep Side Dog Bowl Dish


These are great for long-eared dogs. Steep bowls with narrow openings that keep dogs ears from falling into food and water dishes.


shallow dog bowl

Shallow bowls are easier for short-nosed dogs (brachycephalic) and puppies too! Helps eliminate strain and pressure against the throat while reaching for food or water.


3 thoughts on “Dog Bowls for Different Dogs”

  1. We turned a food & water combo stand into just 2 water bowls since we have 3 thirsty dogs. I have noticed that all 3 dogs will drink out of the left water bowl until it is empty then they will start drinking from the one on the right. The oldest dog will lick the empty bowl and refuse to drink out of the right bowl some days. I have flip flopped the bowl and it doesn’t matter they always go for the left one. Anyone else with multiple dogs notice them doing odd things like this in a group?

  2. This is perfect for my dogs and for their food, what a great article but what I like the most is the Shallow because of the design I think my dogs will comfortable with this kind of bowl.
    Automatic is perfect to secure their food since I used this kind of food for my babies now with the help of this automatic I can save and store their food in the right way and in the right place.

  3. Oh, I love the portable bowl. It’s easy and lightweight to carry with me. Not only on road but also during the time when I am travelling with my dog this bowl saves lot’s of space in backpack.