Be A Responsible Pet Parent

October 7, 2014

9 Tips for Being a Responsible Pet Parent

Pet parenting


Being a responsible pet parent is a privilege and comes with more than providing food, water and shelter. It takes time, dedication, love and attention. Pets are completely dependent on your care 24/7, 365 days a year for the duration of their life.

  1. Commitment

If you cannot make the commitment, do not get the pet. Avoid compulsive decisions when selecting a pet.  Commit to the relationship for the life of your pet. Properly socialize and train your pet.  Keep only the type and number of pet(s) that you can afford food, water, shelter, health care and companionship for.

  1. Identification

Keep identification on your pet or invest in a microchip (keep registration up to date), both dogs and cats need identification! External tags are essential; it could mean the difference of your neighbor returning your pet or ending up in the local pound.

  1. Investment

Make sure your pet receives preventive healthcare: vaccinations, parasite control etc. and care for any illness or injuries. Keep their vaccinations updated especially rabies and year round heartworm prevention. Make sure they receive proper dental hygiene and care along with annual checkups.

  1. Lifestyle

Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle. Don’t get a pet that’s energetic or high maintenance, if you  do not have the time to care for their needs.

  1. Limitations

Spay and neuter your pets. There are too many homeless animals without adding to the nation’s overpopulation problem. Don’t let your pets run loose. Dogs should be walked with leashes and don’t let pets run loose outside unless there is a secure fenced area.

  1. Obedience

Train and socialize your pet. Obey all local ordinances with licensing, leash requirements and noise control.  Don’t allow pets to become a stray or become feral.

  1. Precautions

Make sure your home is pet safe. Pesticides, medications, household cleaners and some houseplants can be deadly to your pets…KEEP THEM OUT OF REACH. Keep extra precautions during the holidays like the 4th of July and make sure pets are secure indoors. Protect your pets during Halloween especially if you have a black cat.

  1. Prepare

Recognize any decline of your pets life or health and make timely discussions with a veterinarian. Prepare for emergencies or disaster, and assemble an emergency kit.  Be aware of weather conditions. Leaving your pet in a hot car or the yard without shade and water is a risk to your pet’s life.

  1. Provide

Keep your pet on a proper diet because overweight pets can be unhealthy or deadly as is malnutrition. Provide lots of love and care remember you’re the world to them. Take well care of your pet during their senior years.

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