Principles of MUTTagement

January 12, 2015

MUTTagement (management)

mutt agement
MUTTagement (management) – Is Temporarily Preventing the Practice of Unwanted Dog Behavior.

A big part of dog ownership is effectively managing your dog’s behavior and here are some tools to help you manage your dog’s behavior.

M = Management. There are several tools you can use to help, including:

  • Baby Gates
  • Tethers
  • Exercise Pens or Kennels
  • Harness
  • Head Halter
  • Leashes
  • Stuffed Kong’s
  • Bully Sticks
  • Interactive Toys

U = Underlying: Whenever you are dealing with a behavior problem you have to understand that there is an underlying problem. For instance, if a dog is digging there could be many different underlying reasons for the digging. It could be that the dog is bored, frustrated, hot, or it could be breed specific. Terriers love to dig.

T = Train: You need your dog to understand the basics – sit, down, stay, walk, and come. Soon, you will be able to control your dog in situations where it might become excitable. In addition to regular obedience training, you’ll want to teach your dog that you are the leader. Have your dog work for attention, food, and playing.

T = Time:Realize that any behavior program is going to require time.

Become an A.P.T. Trainer
Anticipate = Problems before They Start.
Prevent = Problems with Smart Management.
Teach = New, Better Behavior with Training.

By learning the principles of MUTTagement and becoming an APT trainer, your dog and you will have a happy and understanding relationship!