MAs and Nurses Are Not Surgical Technologists

December 12, 2018

Surgical Technologists, Medical Assistants, and Nurses Work Together

My name is Lita and I’m a surgical technologist. You may think being in the middle of surgery would be scary, but those who are right for this career field know that it is downright fun! Some people often confuse being a surgical technologist with many other positions in the medical field. The truth is, we are all very different and have very different tasks that we perform. But we do all have the same goal, to give you the best care possible and then get you home safe and sound. Here are the two medical professions that are most commonly confused a surgical technologist.


Medical Assistants


Medical assistants take care of people in hospitals and doctor’s offices when they don’t need “surgical intervention.” MAs have a lot more personal interaction with patients than surgical technologists. They know exactly how to make a visit to the doctor a little less painful by offering kindness, compassion, and a warm smile. Medical assistants are organized and focused on taking care of the patient all while making the doctor’s job easier.



Nurses work in every medical specialty. Typically, nurses enter into this profession because they want to take care of people. They train how to read people and how to take care of them physically and mentally. Nurses in surgery take care of everyone in the surgical suite, starting with advocating for the patient. They circulate the room listening, staying in tune with everything going on, and documenting for the patient’s record. If we run out of supplies in the sterile field, they are the first to go get them. Nurses will make sure the doctors and surgical technologists have what they need so that everything will run smoothly.

We’re Here For You


People rearrange their lives to get ready for surgery. They take time off work, make sure loved ones are there to help them, and help take care of their families while they recover. Because of this, we show up ready to get you home as soon as possible. We are all so proud to be part of a team that is working to ultimately make your life better.

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From the desk of Lita Fitch, Community Care College Surgical Technologist Site Coordinator

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