Proper Utilization of Paralegals

June 23, 2014

Proper Utilization of Paralegals

We may be rationing water in parts of this country, but there’s no shortage of attorneys. Education consumers have finally become wise to the fact that it may not worthwhile to spend the money for a law degree when a quarter to half of the work entry-level  attorneys complete each day can be completed by a properly educated paralegal.

For time immemorial, attorneys have done work that paraprofessionals can do, just to stay occupied and to be deemed necessary by their employers. But if you’re doing work a paralegal can do, are you really necessary to the law firm, when they could hire an educated paralegal?

studying in a paralegal classroom

Legal consultant James Wilber of Altman Weil, Inc. says law offices that utilize paralegals properly are able to deliver legal services to their clients at a more cost effective rate. We all know clients are going to go not only where they can receive great legal service, but where they can afford it. Affordable legal council will increase legal clientele. Increased clientele equals more money, and more money makes everyone happy. Proper utilization of paralegals is key.

Although proper utilization of paralegals is not something all firms are able to achieve at the moment, it is something they will all begin to strive for. If firms can get their legal work into the right hands, they can provide legal services at a more cost effective rate and achieve a higher profit margin, making a paralegal a much needed commodity.