New Veterinary Assistant Lab

February 26, 2024

Welcome to the New Veterinary Assistant Lab at Community Care College!

Community Care College is thrilled to announce the new veterinary assistant lab, which is designed to provide a top-notch education for aspiring veterinary assistants. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and advanced facilities, which demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Through this lab, students will receive a comprehensive and up-to-date education in veterinary care.

Come and take a look at our new Veterinary Assistant Lab!

Come and Take a Look ar our new Veterinary Assistant Lab

Dental X-Ray Equipment:

Our lab boasts advanced imaging technology designed for detailed dental examinations, offering students a thorough understanding of animal dental health.

Updated Anesthesia Machine:

Prioritizing animal safety, our lab features the latest advancements in anesthesia technology. Students gain hands-on experience with modern equipment in a controlled and educational setting.

Phlebotomy Trainers:

For practical learning in blood collection techniques, our lab provides realistic canine leg/paw models. This immersive experience ensures competence in essential veterinary procedures.

Cloud-Based Clinic Software:

Modernize administrative skills with our cloud-based clinic software, covering scheduling, invoicing, client check-out, and more through interactive training modules, preparing students for the digital demands of a veterinary clinic.

New Centrifuges and IDEXX Snap Testing:

Our curriculum now includes additional centrifuges and training on IDEXX snap testing for various diseases, keeping students ahead in the field with the latest diagnostic tools and techniques.

Dental Prophylaxis Equipment:

Equip yourself with state-of-the-art dental prophylaxis equipment and practice on a canine dental trainer. Gain hands-on experience in dental cleaning procedures, a vital aspect of veterinary care.

Autoclave for Surgical Instruments:

Understand the importance of surgical asepsis with our sterilization equipment. Learn proper techniques for instrument sterilization using autoclave technology, a crucial skill in any veterinary setting.

IDEXX Blood Analyzers:

Conduct complete blood counts and chemistry/electrolyte panels with our advanced IDEXX blood analyzers, familiarizing yourself with the latest diagnostic equipment used in veterinary clinics worldwide.


A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our enhancements to the Veterinary Assistant Lab are meticulously designed, offering students a comprehensive and up-to-date learning experience in veterinary care. From dental care to surgical asepsis, our facility equips aspiring veterinary assistants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of animal healthcare.

Join us at Community Care College and embark on a journey toward becoming a skilled and compassionate veterinary assistant. The Veterinary Assistant Lab is where theory meets practice, setting the stage for a successful career in the world of animal care.