MBC Associates Program

September 26, 2013

MBC Program

Water Skis on fire? There’s a Code for that!

Did you know there is a medical code for “burn due to water-skis on fire?” Have you ever been bitten by a turtle? Well, there’s a medical code for that too!

There are literally thousands and thousands of medical codes in the health care field and probably one for just about every scenario, disease, and procedure you can imagine. I never knew just how interesting coding could be until I enrolled in the MBC associates program at Community Care College. If medical billing and coding is something you are interested in, I encourage you to visit my blog at jamiemjohnson.wordpress.com to find more interesting facts.

Accurate coding is a very important step in the billing process and can make or break a health care provider. Earning a degree in MBC can give individuals the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in a coding position. Going through the MBC program I found that I absolutely love working in this particular part of the health care field. Not only is it a job I can enjoy on a daily basis, but it is also a career that I know will be around for years to come. I know that as long as I’m interested in medical billing and coding, medical billing and coding will be interested in me.

Visit jamiemjohnson.wordpress.com to learn more about who I am, why I chose medical billing and coding as a career, and why you should too!