Holiday Codes

December 20, 2019


There are so many ICD-10 Codes and several of them are funny. We do not often imagine ourselves getting a “Code” for the holiday but many of us will.

What will your “Code” be this year?

Will you be coded with W61.4? This code is for contact with a turkey. Often time’s hunters will come in with injuries from a turkey.

Maybe you will be coded with W14, fall from a tree. While hanging Christmas lights in the trees you could fall and be injured. Ouch!

Will you be run over by a reindeer this year? It could happen! It happened to poor grandma! If you are you will receive code V80.1.

Many will receive code Y93.D, injury from arts and crafts. A lot of teachers and PTA members will be getting this code this holiday season.

There are several other holiday codes to choose from as well if none of the above are what you are looking for. For example, there is R63.2 for excessive appetite, Z62.891 for sibling rivalry, and F43.8 for emotional stress.

The one I hope we will all avoid this holiday season is T50.3x2D, intentional self-poisoning. Talk about one way to end a family dinner quick!

Whatever ICD-10 Code you chose to receive or give away this year, please do so with care. Stay safe and try to avoid being coded with W00! If you want to find out what that code is, just enroll in the Medical Billing and Coding program at Community Care College and you will be the one handing out these codes by Christmas of next year!