Opening Your Own Home Daycare

May 7, 2018

Pros and Cons Opening Your Home Daycare

For me, making the decision to manage my own home daycare was easy and fairly stress-free.  Making the jump from being a stay-at-home mom to caring for other children in my home was very natural.  It helped that I had taken several child development courses in college and was familiar with not only the care aspects but also nutrition and safety.  However, it’s a big decision that comes with some positive and some negative aspects. Hopefully, the information below will give aspiring home daycare owners insight into what the business is really like.


  • Being able to work from home and care for your own child(ren) as well.
  • Being your own boss and setting your own days/hours.
  • Choosing your own curriculum and planning activities.
  • Being there for many “firsts” for your children and other children.
  • Forming close bonds with the children and families in your care.
  • Watching the children in your care grow and develop.
  • Enjoying what you do.
  • Some tax advantages.


  • Keeping track of fees and expenses.
  • Licensing can sometimes be complicated.
  • Dealing with late pickups and late payments.
  • Organizing and cleaning your daycare area.
  • Working alone versus in a center with coworkers to talk to and assist with issues.
  • Hours are typically at least 10 per day.
  • The feeling of being “stuck” at home with very little adult time.
  • Daycare clients may come and go so your income will vary.

Ultimately the decision is what is best for you.  Each person has their own set of likes and dislikes about working in childcare centers versus private homes.  Weigh your options carefully, discuss it with family members, and talk to friends or family who have ran their own home-based daycares.  I personally enjoyed these years and the big decision maker for me was the fact that I could work from home while also being able to spend time with and care for my children.  I didn’t want to miss a thing, and I didn’t have to!


From the Desk of Shani Snell

Shani is the Early Childhood Education Department Head at Community Care College. Please feel free to visit our website for more information.