Benefits of Smiling

March 8, 2018

Smile 400 Times A Day And Gain A Superpower

Have you been stressed out lately?  Smile. No, I’m not being cruel by telling you to smile when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, smiling can actually help you reduce cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine the “stress hormones.”

Studies show that by using your facial muscles to smile you’re actually tricking your brain into releasing the “happiness hormone,” serotonin and endorphins, nature’s painkiller. By tricking your brain into releasing happy hormones, you can relieve stress and get an endorphin rush! If you’re frustrated, turning that frown upside down can literally change your mood. Children smile the most, studies show, up to 400 times a day, making it a superpower of happiness and feel good hormones. 

Smiling can also help you discover more opportunities: personally and professionally. Studies show people that smile often are not only considered more approachable and likable, but are even considered more attractive! Studies also show people trust you more when you’re smiling. Be sure to brush up those pearly whites before your next interview to make a lasting impression.

Using at least 17 muscles with each smile, you’re giving your face a work out while brightening the world around you. A smile radiates happiness, joy and confidence. Who knew one single motion could change your entire outlook on life and life’s outlook on you? Be sure to share your smile today and change the world around you! Want to help people showcase those brilliant smiles? Learn more about our Dental Assistant Program at Community Care College.

From the desk of Jennifer Fuentes, Dental Assistant Instructor