Community Care College Dental Assisting Students Learn about Nutrition

January 15, 2013

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Tulsa, Okla., (Jan 10, 2013) – Dental Assisting students at Community Care College (CCC) have been learning about nutrition and its importance in dentistry.

Students took a field trip to Whole Foods this week to take part in a scavenger hunt. Teresa Bechtelheimer, CCC Dental Assisting instructor, made a list of items to locate and price in the store. The students had to locate gluten free items, give the nutritional value of soy milk, find the most expensive apple, look at and price organic chicken and find what sugar substitutes are offered.

The students had a lot of fun locating these items and were amazed at how many different items and prepared meals were offered in the store. They also took note of the high price tag on many of the items, pondering affordability.

The field trip was designed to show students how important nutrients are to our everyday lifestyle. There are foods that cause tooth decay, mostly refined carbohydrates, such as candy and sodas. The problem lies in how often they are eaten, not the amount or the fact that you may brush and floss after eating.

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