Interview Follow Up

November 20, 2015

Follow Up: Something That Continues or Completes a Process or Activity

You’ve had the job interview, it went great! They said they would call you one way or the other by the end of the week. The days pass, end of the week comes and goes without any word on the status of your application. What is the next step that you take? The correct answer is to follow up!

Whether you make a phone call, send an e-mail or show up in person there is a right and wrong way to follow up.

The right way is to call and put the responsibility of the hiring process back on yourself. Once you are connected to the person that you interviewed with, follow this process to ensure you navigate the conversation with professionalism.

  1. Re-introduce yourself. This may seem like common sense but when nerves take over common sense can be the first thing to go. By reminding them of who you are it gives them a second to recall your interview and where you stand in the process.
  1. The conversation should then to turn the reason for your call. Don’t say “I wanted to call and check up on my interview or see if you had filled the position.” This phrasing is too close-ended and can really only be answered with a yes or no. It is much more beneficial to use open ended statements, such as, “I wanted to follow up and see if there is any supporting documentation you need to assist in making your decision?”
  1. You have to prepare yourself to hear that they hired another candidate. If you are passed over for another applicant, it’s time to suck up your pride and ask for feedback. “Thank you for letting me know. Would you be willing to give me feedback on why I was not selected so that I can improve for the next interview?”

More often than not a follow up phone call or e-mail is the difference between you getting the job and someone else getting it. Occasionally contact information can be lost and the hiring manager has no way to get in touch with you. Another likely scenario is the candidate they hired turned out not to be the best fit. By following up, you are still expressing interest and reminding them of who you are.