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September 21, 2012

8 Commandments for Every Job Hunter

Successful job hunters have, over the years, shared with me their “secrets for success.”  Here are eight of my favorite rules to organize your search while maintaining your sanity:

1. Remember: Your job hunt is a job. Treat it with the same professionalism that you would a job that gives you a paycheck. It’s easy to continually procrastinate and say, “I’ve got all this personal stuff to do, I’ll get around to job hunting next week.” At the other extreme you can become compulsive and spend every waking hour obsessing about the job hunt. Instead, set up work hours, an agenda, and goals for yourself every day. When your workday is over, leave the job hunt behind. Spend your off hours with those you love, pursuing your hobbies and interests, exercising, and living a balanced life.

2. Keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Maintain all your professional credentials, licenses, and certificates. Enroll in continuing education classes. Keep up to date with the “latest” in your field of expertise, and thereby you will demonstrate your commitment to excellence. Even if you are used to having your employer pay for these things and now have to pay for them yourself, it will be money well spent.

3. Stand out from your competition. Title your resume “{FIRSTNAME LASTNAME} Resume.” Then, whenever you send it out to a company, do a “save as” and rename it: “{FIRSTNAME LASTNAME} Resume for XXX Company.” It will show the employer that you aren’t just blasting it everywhere. Also, it will become easier to retrieve if you keep all your resume files in a single folder in your computer, and that way you will be certain to be able to find whichever version is relevant to the company with which you are speaking.

4. Find a way to make yourself findable. Make certain that you have a complete and compelling LinkedIn profile, and include in it a PDF version of your resume (without your phone or physical address). Contribute in a meaningful way to relevant LinkedIn Group Discussions. Attend local Meet-ups and professional association gatherings. Present yourself as a peer who just happens not to have a paying job at the moment, rather than as a desperate person seeking to become a peer.

5. Interact with three new people every day. Reach out to leaders in your field for informational interviews. Exchange business cards with people at networking events. Respond to authors who write thought provoking articles in your field. Remember that networking is about building relationships, not asking for help. It takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort.

6. Don’t take for granted that other people know what is second nature to you. In the hiring process, you build your reputation from the ground up, so you must explain with detail what you do, and how you do it. Don’t say, “I’ve been responsible for…” Instead say, “In my job I did…”

7. Guard your good name and reputation. Never do anything, write anything, or say anything that it would embarrass you for your spouse, parent, or clergy person to see or hear. Presenting what you have done in the most positive light is your responsibility. Lying about anything will get you disqualified and ruin your reputation.

8. Treat your next job as a temp job with benefits. No job in today’s economy is “forever.” Always strive for excellence in the workplace, and when you attain success make certain to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Maintain your networking habit.

Happy hunting!


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  1. I very much agree with these statements. Finding a job is not easy. However the world today seems like everything runs off electronics and the way to get from step to step is by the web. But using these steps proves that networking and speaking to new people everyday is the key to being successful in your career and in life. For those who have not had to work or have trouble getting a job or keeping one, just remember that your words and actions sell you and your reputation and that networking is the best key to unlock a successful future.

  2. This was a fantastic article with some great ideas, specifically regarding networking. I’ve always known its importance but to include so many diverse suggestions (contacting article authors, joining internet discussion groups, etc.) was super helpful!

  3. I beleive this is an article every job hunter should have, and read often. I especially like points one and five. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your personal life and forget or put off making a daily effort. And the more people that see your face, your name and your abilities the more connections you have no matter how big or small; make people remember you and you are that much more likely to get hired now and have connections for future endeavors.

  4. Very good article. I have a LinkedIn account and have had someone take interest in me. I was very excited at the prospect.I responded but no response back, So I will e-mail again. This was really informative and I am going to utilize this for my next resume’! Thank you so much!

  5. I love this article. It is very informative and very true. I really like #8. Treating your new job like it’s a temp job with benefits is a great way to remind yourself that stuff can happen so you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Thanks for all the great information!

  6. Very good article overall. In our day and age we should always keep our eyes, ears, and connections wide in order to find a desired job or career. Or even as a good guideline as to upkeep with personal professionalism and resume etiquette.

  7. I agree it’s very hard to find a job I have been looking for a job for a year almost. I am sure one will come along.

  8. I was at a function one time and was lucky enough to hear Paul Zane Pilzer speak in person and he gave an example of someone’s aunt who was a farm worker, then a waitress, then a factory worker and “what is the matter with Aunt Tilly, can’t she keep a job?” but he was pointing out the ability to learn many things makes us flexible and more capable to keep income flowing.

  9. I find these suggestions very helpful, especially the networking suggestion of branching out and meeting three new people. I also think it’s good advice to remain conscientious of how people think of you, your reputation, and your work ethic. The best marketing procedure is word of mouth, and if people have great things to say about you it will further your reputation and bring in more business than a fancy business card. Which are also excellent marketing tools too!

  10. This is a good article for anyone that is new to the job market and those who have been out there for a while. It gives the new people tips to go by and can remind the people who have been in the job market to refresh their skills.

  11. I have talked to many customers at my job who complain about not being able to find a job. I ask them “How many applications have you filled out and does your resume look good?” It is surprising to say that the people I have talked to who “need a job now” have filled out less than 6 job applications, and 60{94fe5c559808ed7bd39f078f11566ac932912c859251df94cb296262c184f7e8}-70{94fe5c559808ed7bd39f078f11566ac932912c859251df94cb296262c184f7e8} of them do not use a resume.

    Getting a job is a job, and it’s worth it.

  12. Wonderful advice that I plan to take to heart. I am currently searching for a job myself, but currently have no transpiration so my search area is narrowed down a bit. But I’m staying positive and keeping my chin up, it’s only a matter of time as they say.

    1. Wow right on the money, I completely agree with this outline on how to be a go getter or job hunter. Meeting 3 new people a day is a very good way to build connections and having a Linked in profile makes it a lot easier to reach. I am definitely someone that learned how to separate my professional and personal and I believe to not only find a job but also keep a job you have to do just that. Great blog as always !!!

  13. This was very very helpful. I’ve been stuck trying to figure out where to start in finding a job and being a non licensed massage therapist makes it a littler harder. I need to get LinkedIn account ASAP!

  14. This is a very good article! Very eye opening. I never thought to make my job hunting a job. All of this is very good advice. Something I will most definitely use!

  15. all articles had good suggestions. It all comes down to the individual. Your drive and your ability to do good work will be your biggest asset in my opinion. People will refer you if you do good work. Professional people will do well.

  16. I agree with these statements that they are making. Because when i was looking for a job, i never really had any experience with anything. The only thing I really had any experience with is dancing. I always wanted to try something different. These statements are very helpful and very good suggestions in the working network.

  17. I really like the idea of responding to authors in our fields. I can’t believe I have never thought of that before. I think that is a fantastic way to network with leaders in Massage and get your name out there across the country.

  18. Great read! Everyone needs to know this. And I think if you use these ideas you are more likely to get a job VS. someone who does not follow these ideas. Thank you for the reminder!

  19. I’d never thought about putting the company’s name at the top of my resume! That’s a great idea that I’ll use when I’m hunting for a new job as a massage therapist. The other points are very interesting and important to, but I think out of all of them this one is the one I’ve never actually thought about. Thanks!

  20. I really like the advice about when you do a resume for a certain job you save the resume with the title of the company in it. This article is full of great advice…thanks

  21. This short article was jammed full of good ideas! I never thought about customizing my resume in this way. I never thought to write or respond to published authors. And I love the reminder re. networking. If we really interact with everyone we encounter in a way that reflects kindness, respect and acceptance, the jobs will happen…we will attract the job! You are welcome.

  22. I just recently finished the “cld” course and I had a job interview in my last week of class. because of all of the knowledge that I had retained, about job hunting, interviewing, & preparing for job interviews, I felt very confident going into that interview. So i believe that knowledge is key when looking for a job. The more u know about the position you are applying for, i think the better your chances are at actually landing a job. Great article.

  23. I have always been terrible at the job hunt/interview process. I will definitely refer back to this post as a reminder and fuel for when I am searching for a job!

  24. I read through these and thought to myself how right they are and a good thing to follow. I never followed the first one I always just procastinated.

  25. I have never had a problem at getting a job. I learned about resumes at a young age, and have kept that one up to date on a yearly basis

  26. I found all of these tips very helpful and good guidance. I love how this school really tries to prepare you for your future career and the real world.

  27. Iv’e never been to good at interviews or searching for a job. Iv’e had the same job for a long time, almost 4 years now. If I ever leave my job or get laid off I will be sure to come back and use this as a resource.

  28. That’s great advise. I am also a nervous wreck during interviews! I always talk and make up a conversation though. I think reading people is the key!

  29. Very good article. I have a LinkedIn account and have had someone take interest in me. I was very excited at the prospect.I responded but no response back, So I will e-mail again. This was really informative and I am going to utilize this for my next resume’! Thank you so much!

  30. An amazing article! And it happened to have come at a time I need it, I currently am job hunting so I will take this to heart. For me question #6. Don’t take for granted that other people know what is second nature to you. I agree with this 100{94fe5c559808ed7bd39f078f11566ac932912c859251df94cb296262c184f7e8} always view your skills and abilities with respect you deserve and remember confidence is key! happy job hunting!

  31. This is such a great article. I am on the job hunt now and have been overly stressed out about it. This article has eased my mind some and makes it all seem a little easier than I had thought. I am very glad I took a quick minute to read over this article.