Employment After Graduation

November 22, 2011

Being a Graduate


Being a graduate who can’t find employment is devastating.  Being well-educated and unemployed is frustrating for all family members who helped sacrifice and pay for that wonderful degree.

So—now it’s time to get serious!

Besides staying in close contact with our Career Services Department, here are a few ideas that may help generate that great career you are looking for:

  • Pursue Unpaid Internships.   These often lead to full-time employment in a short period of time.  Consider all things that you excel at that could expand your career options.
  • Be Location Flexible.   Be open to all locations such as rural, remote or unappealing to most of the general population.  That job way on the other end of town may just be the best job ever!
  • Borrow.  If you’re struggling financially, seek assistance from friends or family.  Borrow responsibility with every intention of following through on all payback provisions.  Use the money wisely.  Focus on updating your wardrobe to a more professional look.
  • Cast a wide net.   Focus on all sorts of opportunities.  High-paying jobs are scarce, especially for young, recent graduates.
  • Refuse to give up.  Alter your course of action if needed, but keep your focus on the main goal of securing your dream job.  Persistence, determination and trusting your instincts will eventually pay off.
  • Dreams take work, practice, patience and most often require you to dig deeper than you ever have.
  • Be passionate.  It’s not just another job—it’s your dream!
  • Learn to network.  Don’t be limited to just on-line technology.  Initiate face-to-face conversations.  Personally drop resumes at businesses that interest you.  Let friends, and friends of friends know you are actively seeking employment.  Mingling among peers produce surprising results.  Use your fear of unemployment as fuel—pick up the phone and make calls.

Successful people try those things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.  Focus and direct all your energy toward achieving the goal of employment.  You will get there if you stay focused on getting there!