Tracking Leads During The Job Search

September 13, 2013

When you are searching for a job how do you keep track of leads, prospects, and interviews? A simple spreadsheet with a few pieces of the key information can help you to land that opportunity you’ve been looking for track who you are talking to, where you are applying, when you turned in your application, and when to follow-up.

Keep it really light weight and only track the essential information.

Such as:

  • Company: The name of the company you’re applying to. (like: Joe’s Fishing Consulting).
  • Position: The title of the position (Senior Bait Consultant).
  • Contact Person: The person you addressed in your cover letter, the person you turned your application in to, or the person that will be reviewing the applications (how do you know? You ask.).
  • Phone Number: Contact’s phone number.
  • Business Address: The business’s address.
  • Date Application Dropped Off: The date you turned in your application / resume.
  • When You Should Follow Up: When should you call and ask if they have had a chance to review your application / what the next step is / if they have any questions. Call 2-3 days after you turn in your application / resume.
  • Notes: Any notes or reminders (They’re accepting resumes until the 28th and then scheduling interviews. Call back on the 1st and ask for Joe).
  • Application Status: Keep track of 4 statuses: Lead , Prospect, Interview, and Stalled.
Application Status
StatusDefinitionNext Step
LeadThis job sounds interesting. I need to learn more.Research the company and contact them!
ProspectHey! I’d like working here. I’ll apply.Fill out an application / send in my resumé
InterviewSweet! We’ve scheduled an interview. Awesome!High fives! Prepare for my interview.
StalledHm, they haven’t gotten back to me yet and it’s been a week.Call my contact. See what the next step is


Here’s an example spreadsheet:

You can make a copy or download it for Excel on Google Docs.

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