How to Hustle Your Job Search

February 2, 2016

Our students and alumni often see the “job search” as a passive process. They spend each day at home on the computer, trolling Indeed, Monster and other job sites, submitting their resumes, and then waiting to get a call. And waiting. And waiting.

It is very unlikely that your dream job or that “big break” will be served to you on a silver platter as a result of waiting for that call. Instead, that opportunity will go to the person who is taking initiative and not sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring.

Here are some tips on how to hustle for that job you want.

Walk In Your Resume

This will make you stand out from the stack of resumes submitted online. Even if your resume isn’t read just by simply walking it in shows initiative and might catch the attention of the right person

Follow Up!

Submitting your resume online or walking it in is just the first step. Hiring managers have a lot of responsibilities, as do department heads and supervisors for whom hiring is just one small part of what they do. So, by following up you can go from being at the bottom of the pile to the very top just by reminding them of your interest.


When following up, it is impressive when you know the values and accomplishments of the company you are applying with. This connects them to what you have to offer if given the opportunity. The last thing you want to do is go online and apply for numerous positions and then finally get the call only to have no information or details of what you applied for. Staying organized and doing your research will not only make you stand out but it could be just the thing you needed to tip the scale in your favor.

By: Amber Cutshaw