Top 10 Military Friendly Schools

January 10, 2017

For the first time ever, three local career colleges, Community Care College, Clary Sage College, and Oklahoma Technical College, have been named in the Top 10 Military Friendly® Private Vocational Colleges nationwide. So many organizations say they are Military Friendly®, but little have credentials to back their claims, Community HigherEd does.

Military Friendly® is the leading, time-tested, trademarked standard that measures an organization’s level of commitment and success in creating opportunities and positive outcomes for members of the military community. Military Friendly®-designated organizations are in good federal standing and have met or exceeded benchmarks for recruitment, retention, advancement, support and job placement of veterans.

Evaluating organizations against a single standard that uses data from federal agency/public, proprietary and personal sources allows us to compare like organizations without bias. Our Military Friendly® lists and resources cut through the clutter, offering a holistic, objective view of education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, regardless of the organization’s industry, program type or tax filing status.  Each year, the bar is raised, as our benchmarks are set by the leading organization, not by a static set of criteria, which ultimately results in continual investment in the military and veteran communities.

An organization can be awarded:


  • Top 10: the best of the best!
  • Gold: within 20% of 10th-ranked organization.
  • Silver: within 30% of the 10th-ranked organization.
  • Bronze: within 40% of the 10th-ranked organization.

To be named to the top 10 among vocational schools in the nation is a true honor, but to have earned this distinction for all three of our colleges is a first. Our schools have a 3 year history of being listed as Military Friendly® and we are privileged to receive such exclusive awards this year. Along with designated scholarship opportunities for veterans, members of the military, and their spouses, Community Care College, Clary Sage College, and Oklahoma Technical College provide continual “Green Zone Training” to faculty and staff members to ensure adequate support and guidance is provided to individuals and families of those who have or continue to serve the country through the armed forces. The term “Green Zone” describes locations that veterans consider to be safe.

We are again honored for this award and look forward to continuing to serve our veterans and military. If you or someone you know is re-entering civilian life, have them contact us for more information on beginning a path to a new career through education.

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