AOSBIM Degree – Business & Industry Management

April 4, 2017

Business & Industry Management Degree

We are very happy to announce that we have a new program called the Business & Industry Management degree. Because this is an Associate of Occupational Science degree, the shorthand is: AOSBIM.


The Business & Industry Management program is an Associate degree program comprised exclusively of business classes. Students who pursue this program are typically seeking to broaden their opportunities within their specific industry for promotions, increased pay, and job flexibility.


With easy access to your instructor via phone, email, text, chat, and one-on-one meetings, this program is a perfect fit for those looking to complete school on their own time while working or managing a family. Additionally, each course can be catered to a student’s specific industry so that the information is relevant, applicable, and interesting. The broad knowledge of business also lays a foundation for those seeking future entrepreneurial endeavors.


After completion of the program, students will have an Associate of Occupational Science in Business & Industry Management Degree


What is the AOSBIM program? This is our degree program! After a student completes their core program they can take 10 additional business courses for their AOSBIM degree. Students can complete their core program, get a job, and complete their degree online or residentially while working!


Who enrolls in the AOSBIM program? Graduates of colleges and external leads seeking career advancement in their core program.


How long is the program? Students typically enroll in the program after their core and complete the program in 10 months. However, external leads can also take the full program without a diploma and get their degree in less than the traditional 2 years.


Why AOSBIM? Having a degree improves the possibility of career advancement, increased income, job flexibility, and entrepreneurial success.


Do we still have a Business Administration program? We renamed it! We have the same great program, but it is now called AOSBIM (see above).


If you know of anyone who might be interested in this program, let us know! You can also have them call us at 918-610-0027 and talk to an admission representative today!

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