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April 14, 2015

Based on Your Personality – Is Accounting for You

Did you know that at least 30% of all incoming college freshmen choose a field of study that is a “poor fit” with their interests? Many choose to pursue it anyway because that’s where all the jobs are. For example, if you’re interested in Accounting, the good news is that there will be over 200,000 new entry level accounting jobs in the next few years alone, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But is it the right choice for you?

Take this personality test and find out! Among other things, personality tests can be really helpful in figuring out what types of jobs you would enjoy and be really good at. From those options, you can choose the one that would be the most suitable in meeting your financial needs. So practical and stress-free, right?!

After you’ve taken the test, share your test results with us in the comment section below. What did you get?  We’d love to know! Here’s a cheat sheet for the letters:

  • (E) is for Extroverted and (I) is for Introverted
  • (S) is for Sensing and (N) is for iNtuitive
  • (T) is for Thinking and (F) is for Feeling
  • (J) is for Judging and (P) is for Perceiving

Click here to read more about what these characteristics mean.

So back to the original question: Should you get into Accounting? Consider the following information before deciding:

  1. 25% of all accountants are ESTJs – breaking the stereotype that all accountants are introverts, quiet, and shy. You can be an extrovert and love accounting!
  2. At the same time, many CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are ISTJs, which means they’re introverted. This just goes to show that it’s not about being extroverted or introverted, it’s really the STJ part that makes a good accountant. Did you know that ISTJ is a common personality type of individuals in the US military?
  3. 75% of all people who study accounting are in the Sensing (S) group, rather than the Intuition (N) group. Sensing individuals take information at face value; they have an “it is what it is” mentality, they don’t add anything to it, a great trait for ethical and diligent accountants. Sensing people:
    1. Organize sequentially (Like to have and work in order)
    2. Like detail oriented work
    3. Are very logical
  4. At the same time, many partners at accounting firms are N-dividuals because at that top level, they have to see big picture, which is a strength for iNtuitive people.
  5. Thinking (T) rather feeling (F) is a strong trait for most accountants. Good accountants are thinkers who are:
    1. Reliable and objective in decision making
    2. Very task oriented
    3. Prone to notice inconsistencies, and look for logical explanations and solutions to problems
  6. Judging (J) individuals also make good accountants, since they:
    1. Like to make and stick to to-do lists
    2. Like to have goals and deadlines
    3. Don’t like to rush their work and prefer to finish work before playing

Does this sound like you? Tell us what your test results are, what field of study you would enjoy and be really good at. If you like the description above and can say “YES! That’s exactly me, I’m all those things” maybe you should look into Accounting. Who knows? It could be the very thing you were looking for.

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