Founder’s Merit Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the Founder’s Merit Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

Receive up to a maximum of 100% scholarship to be applied towards tuition.

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Submit essay and/or other application artifacts as required
  • Submit PowerPoint Presentation
  • Demonstrate proof of financial need
  • Provide 2 professional letters of recommendation
  • Maintain 90% attendance and 3.5 GPA to remain eligible
  • When is the application deadline?There are four (4) scholarship rounds every year, and application deadlines are based on the student’s start date.
    Student Start Date Application Submission Deadline
    December 1 – February 28 March 31
    March 1 – May 31 June 30
    June 1 – August 31 September 30
    September 1 – November 30 December 31

    Scholarship Application Checklist

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Essay Criteria

In 1500 words, describe your passion for your chosen field and future career.

What makes you the ideal candidate for a future career in this field and how will CCC/CSC/OTC help you get there?

In your response, discuss examples of leadership, prior experience in your desired field if applicable, and contributions to both your future workplace and society in general as a result of this education.

PowerPoint Requirements

  • Must be a minimum of 10 slides showcasing why you are the perfect candidate for this scholarship
  • Show creativity using visuals to demonstrate your unique qualifications and attributes that set you apart from the crowd
  • Through your slides explain how your life will change if you are awarded this scholarship
  • 30-45 second video on FINAL slide of Power Point of student stating favorite quote and why. (you can use your phone or laptop for this)
  • Do not go under 30 seconds or exceed 45 seconds for your video clip on final slide.

Apply Now:

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