Tips to Be Healthy in the Operating Room

March 13, 2015

When you work in the operating room, it is incredibly hard to work in some healthy habits. Try to identify a few goals and then master those first before you try to change everything you do all at once. Here are a few suggestions that just might get you started in the right direction.

Healthy in the OR

Drink water.

If you drink some water then add to it, if you drink pop or another beverage try to replace one of those with a bottle of water.  It is important to stay hydrated when you work in surgery. We work in extreme temperatures and for many hours at a time, with small or sometimes no breaks for long periods of time. One idea is to drink a bottle of water before you ever get to your workplace so you are already a head of the game and then again on your way home before you ever hit the door.


Yes, I said move, people!  We stand in one spot, sometimes for hours at a time without moving around, or in awkward positions that can cause some real issues like back, neck and leg pain. When possible make an extra trip around the surgery hallway or take a moment to really do a good stretch at the first of the day, at the end or both. The main idea is to just get up and move. According to the American Board of Epidemiology, reduced physical activity can be attributed in part to the obesity epidemic.

Set yourself some goals no matter how small they might be, and start living a healthier lifestyle in 2015!