The Key to Great Communication in Your Business | TRUST

March 13, 2015

Want Great Communication in Your Organization or Business? It all starts with Trust.

Trust is the key to success not only in personal relationships but professional relationships. Dr. Stephen Covey advocated; “When trust is high, communication is easy.” That is so true and trust is key in all great organizations and companies.

Comm in your business

Here are several ways to build trust:

  1. Capture the Power of Technology.Team members should be encouraged to utilize technology when not only accessing information but when communicating with clients and each other. We all need to be technologically savvy and should utilize Facebook, blogs, other forms of social media and technology to share and access effective communication.
  2. Develop and Build Outstanding Leadership in Your Company. There is no room for incompetence in great organizations. Weed out the “bad apples” quickly and as Jim Collins states in his book, “Good to Great” remove poor employees quickly. Retaining poor performers only worsens and prolongs unproductive and poor results.
  3. Share the Good News and the Bad News with Your Teams.Team members appreciate being told the truth. They don’t expect everything to be great all the time. Committed team members recognize they will need to take the good with the bad. Let them be part of the solution to fixing things and making improvements rather than keeping them from reality.
  4. Never Forget that Your Team is Your Greatest Asset.¬†Great leaders always show and express concern for the team’s welfare and well-being. The old adage “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” is certainly true.
  5. Walk the Talk.It is great to post your company core values on the wall or on your web page, but it is more important to instill them in your heart and live them. When making decisions, affecting the well-being of the company and team, if you already have your Core Values ingrained in your mind and heart you will make decisions that are in alignment with what you profess. Consistency and continuity in decision making will follow when you walk the talk.
  6. Talk Less, Listen More.If you really want to get a pulse on how your organization is doing, don’t monopolize conversations with your team but rather ask questions which allow them to open up and share and then listen without becoming defensive of judgmental. Yes, sometimes the Truth hurts, but if we want to be the best, we need to listen more and be humble enough to recognize our mistakes and smart enough to make necessary changes.