The Impact of Great Teachers

June 5, 2015

Impact of teachers

One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Baird. Mr. Baird was my 4th Grade teacher and the reason I liked him so much was because I knew he cared about me…and…well…he also played football with us during recess! 🙂 Mr. Baird showed interest in my progress and expected me to do well and be the best I could be. These traits go hand in hand with our CARES Culture (Courtesy, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Success). He wanted and expected me to be successful and I wanted to do well for me as well as Mr. Baird!

When asked who has made a real difference in our lives, we often think of a teacher. No matter how many years pass, we never forget the person who first opened our eyes to the wonders of art, science, good books….and yes, even football. We all need caring, experienced mentors to guide us through our learning experiences.

Your hero may not be a Mr. Baird, or a teacher in the traditional sense. Maybe it was a grandparent or neighbor or a friend. In this sense, we are all teachers, regardless of our profession. We can all be a positive influence in everyday life. We can all uplift and inspire others. We can all, with loving kindness, share with others our knowledge and passion for life. With just a few kind and encouraging words, we can open another’s eyes to his or her potential. This is teaching in its highest form!

The great comedian, Lilly Tomlin, once said; “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home and think about besides homework.”

Being such a teacher is a sacred responsibility and opportunity. Great teachers change lives yet they will likely find that the life that changes the most is their own.