Techie Tools to Help Your Time Management

June 2, 2015

We could all use some help with time management, right?  Life is constantly throwing deadlines our way and we could all benefit from these useful apps that will help keep us on track.  Are you a student that needs to improve your study time?  Are you an employee that needs help scheduling your work-flow more efficiently?  Well, good news, Top Universities has compiled a list of “Top Time Management Apps” that may make all of our lives easier.  There’s an app that can help you keep time, keep notes and keep sane as the work piles up.


downloadFirst in this list of great apps is Timeful (iOS), an app that acts as a calendar and to-do list, allowing you to keep your entire schedule in just one place.


1410909437-2014-09-16-at-18-30-12-This is one of the best free productivity apps on the market. Evernote allows you to gather all your notes, thoughts and ideas in one place across as many devices as you like, making it possible to locate all your different assignments, plans and inspirations in just one click.

Focus Booster

FB-Portfolio-layoutFocus Booster is an online app that allows users to break up their schedule into manageable chunks.


3030-642x481A more fast-paced and modern version of the above, 30/30 (iOS) allows you to set timers to complete specific tasks.

Remember the Milk

RTM_updated_610x381Remember the Milk (iOS) is similar to the other productivity apps, but it also functions seamlessly around the other time management tools you may have already set up on your devices. (iOS/Android) allows you to organize your day by allowing you to create reminders, to-do lists, notes and events and store them on the clean and easy-to-use interface.


listastic_iphone_screensListastic (iOS) is one of many to-do list apps providing a similar service – it is essentially just a digital list tracker – but its smooth functionality and ease of use gives it an honest place among the best time management apps for students.


Finish-app-designed-for-those-that-dawdleThe so-called “to-do list for procrastinators”, Finish (iOS) is another in the long line of to-do list apps, but what’s special about this one is the feeling of achievement it strives to give you.


2Do-New-iPhone-App-GTDIf you find you don’t like the other to-do list apps listed above, consider 2Do (iOS), an app that offers a more flexible way of using time management tools, with a focus on color coding. (iOS), formerly known as ‘Lift’, works much like Facebook and other social networking sites, allowing you to utilize a community of friends online and to share your thoughts amongst them.

Super Notes

316504 (1)Super Notes (iOS) allows the saving of notes, recordings, images and more, so students can better follow lectures without having to worry about writing every single thing down

Google Keep

keep_android_updateIf you’re not happy with the functionality of the best productivity apps for students so far, you’ll be pleased to see Google stepping into frame with Google Keep (Android), a sleek pin-board style app which allows its users to pin notes, make lists and add photos onto a well-designed and easily updateable homepage which works across any Android device.

So, no more excuses!  Stop reading this and go finish your “to-do” list with the help of one of these useful apps!