October 10, 2012

Successful people like Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs have created great empires by mastering the ability to “say No.”  Steve Jobs was more proud of what Apple didn’t do as he was of the successes they achieved.

We are all guilty of trying to become masters of many things.  Long hours working are different than working hard.  Effective work is doing a few hard things, but producing big results.

Take the time to write down three vital functions that can contribute the most to the success of your job.  Spend 90 percent of your time on those goals.  If you really have more than three top priorities–you really don’t have any.

Steve Jobs learned that there is great power in working on one big thing at a time. A great trait of super-achievers is the development of unconscious habits of success.  An activity repeated over and over becomes an unconscious habit called a neurosignature.  This “signature” is actually a brain groove.  The repeated habit reinforces the “groove”–thus making us a success machine that becomes what we practice.

That which we focus on, we tend to make happen!!