How to "Get Things Done"

August 5, 2014

Getting Things Done (GTD) is something we all have to do, why not become more efficient at it? When we’re in a productive zone, we are GTD. David Allen wrote a book about it and goes on speaking engagements at corporations about it. We humans seem to go through stages when getting things done is easier and stages when we fall off that bandwagon.


  1. Concentrate by first eliminating distractions.
  2. Manage your commitments with a system and trust that system.
  3. Get great at spinning multiple plates in the air at once by being confident that your system has worked.
  4. Corral and label work to get a sense of control.
  5. Keep thinking, as Allen states, “How much easier can I get done what I gotta get done?”
  6. Finally, improve your system.

To learn the “Art of a Stress-Free Productivity” and how to GTD watch David Allen’s TEDx Talk Below.