What Goes Around Comes Around

July 15, 2016

The simple fact of life is this: we were born and one day, we will die. Kind of sobering, huh?

I came across the following story that brought home to me the importance of always loving and caring for your family, regardless of their stage in life.


“My dad’s favorite acronym is FAMILY:  Forget About Me, I Love You. He quoted it all the time about how we choose to put others first to make our family successful.

He is now nearing stage seven Alzheimer’s, and has progressed rapidly over the past two years. He no longer knows who I am or that I am his daughter.

Three years ago, when my youngest son Alexander was born, he was sent to the NICU and I was in the hospital for a week following. My family instantly stepped up to help out. My brother Mike walked through the hospital door 10 minutes after I called him, whisked Thomas and JP (my older sons) off and did all my admitting paperwork. My sister-in-law kept the older boys for the next few days until my husband, Jonathan, knew that I would be okay. My mom, who was ill at the time, kept everyone updated on my progress.

My dad came to visit me and Alexander every morning before the stock market opened at 6:30 AM. ‘You know, sweetheart, I could call you to check on you, but I’d really rather see you and my grandson in person. I love you, honey.’

Three years later, my dad is sleeping in my home office, giving my mom a much needed respite. Three-year-old Alexander and I tucked him into bed, and gave him a kiss goodnight.

Dad, I could call you to check on you, but my son and I would really rather see you in person. I love you, Daddy.”

Wow, how times change.

My parents are both gone now, as are my wife’s (Susan) parents. Susan’s mother, Ruth, suffered from Alzheimer’s and Ruth didn’t know us the last few years of her life, but we knew her. We loved her and we would rather see her in person than call her in her assisted living home.

May we all forever remember the love and care our parents gave us, and in return be there for them when and as needed.

“What goes around comes around.”